King Autumn

Stolen skies
in the deep blue moments, from afar
as ships do pass
beneath the arches
of summer aching for gold
bridges of tumbling clouds

and birds are sowing songs
into the silver-lined acres
of fog weaving silk to banners
steel grey and maple blaze
“behold, king autumn has come”

[A poem I finished a few weeks ago but didn’t want to publish before autumn.]

under the golden ginkgo biloba

Under the golden ginkgo biloba
I stood and gazed at all its autumn splendour, ivy entwined,
wondering why I stood there alone
in the rain

I saw its blazing glory when I had passed the lawn,
longingly gazing at the green
wondering if anyone would be there to play
if it wasn’t for the rain

On that rainy afternoon, just before dusk
I discovered anew
a sense of wonder
standing under the golden ginkgo biloba.


Pictures just don’t do this beauty any justice. It’s the old ginkgo tree, overgrown with ivy, standing next to the university building in which I spent many days in the last few years.