Capoeira Progress: Pull-ups and Ponte Improvement

New cool stuff: I’m able to do either one decent pull-up (bar a little above my head height) without jumping up first, or three less than perfect consecutive pull-ups with a little jump at the start. Doesn’t sound like much, but for me it’s a huge improvement.

Yesterday in class we did some exercises with the ponte. One of these was doing a ponte with the head towards the wall and trying to bring the chest to the wall. I didn’t get that far, but I got close enough to touch the wall with my nose and later even with my chin. The next exercise was doing the ponte with both feet on a box and bringing the arms near to the box so the upper body was as vertical as possible. We were supposed to try the walkover from that position, but I didn’t feel safe enough yet (lack of strength and stability in my wrists and forearms, plus a little dizziness) and just stayed in that pose for a while to get used to this grade of chest stretching and getting a feeling for the needed balance. I’m quite happy about the progress I’ve made so far this year with my ponte – bending backwards into the ponte position, walking around, turning over into a queda de rins, and now gaining more flexibility in my upper body.

And I’m now able to touch my knees with my nose during leg stretches on the ground!


Summertime Handstand!


Because it’s finally warm enough to wear tank tops and no socks again. And because my handstand against the wall is getting better. Normally I don’t wear my hair open when doing acrobatics of any sort (except for normal cartwheels sometimes), but I was curious what me doing a handstand would look like with my hair hanging down :D

I’m not making a lot of progress in capoeira itself right now, but my overall strength and flexibility are increasing. In addition to exercising a little more* I’ve upped my salt intake to see whether it will help with the dizziness (it’s gotten worse again, maybe due to the crazy weather changes all the time) and I’m working on eating cleaner in general.

*I’m by no means one of those people who do a full workout every day. What I do is going to capoeira class two to three times each week if possible, while at home I try to work at least every second day for a few minutes on my handstand, push-ups, pull-ups (well, at least I try …), sit-ups, ponte/bridge variations, queda de rins, stretching or whatever I feel like, and sometimes I do a little bit of hula-hooping while using filled water bottles as light dumbbells to do some exercises for my arms and shoulders. I’m just one of those people who every now and then feel a sudden urge to move, to just kick against something, to touch the ground, or hang from the bed headfirst.