Bla bla …

I already shares this on my photo blog, but I thought some of you guys here might like it as well. Today I went to university and wanted to get some books from the library for my thesis before class; and this is what I found in the bookcase dedicated to Nilo-Saharan languages …

university graffiti: “me no study, me no care”


That’s why I keep a small camera in my backpack! Somehow the focus of our bathroom stall conversation (which hat started before I first came to our university) switched from conspiracy theories and politics to life advise (both serious and not so serious) and other randomness … the last two lines once read “me no cry / me go marry another guy” before someone removed the piece of tape the first words had been written on. I like trains, too.

science and cats and capoeira (I hope it’s okay to repost this …)

Normally I don’t post random cat pictures, but this one made me smile XD

And one more for the geeks among my readers: (non-commercial use allowed by Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License)

I like this one very much as well :)

don’t drink and starfish

P1300433.resizedHen party for a friend last weekend – I had the feeling my cocktail was missing something … viva la sunshine.

(The cocktail is a slightly experimental cosmopolitan, consisting mostly of juice, ice, and only a little vodka. I added the sun crisp before drinking more than a few sips of it, so yes, this is sober me having a random moment of childish amusement just for shit and giggles.)

Favourite Friday: Quotes from Star Trek: Voyager (Janeway, season 1+2)

Some of the best lines delivered by Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation starship Voyager in the first two seasons

“At ease, Mr. Kim, before you sprain something.” ( Caretaker)

“Dismissed. That’s a Starfleet expression for ‘get out’.” (The Cloud)

“There’s coffee in that nebula.” (The Cloud)

“Weird is part of the job. “ (Deadlock)




Favourite Friday: web comics

I enjoy reading good books, but even when I don’t have time for that I try to keep up with my favourite web comics at least.

Headtrip is a funny comic series with several recurring characters and different story lines. The humour is a bit biting at times. Geeky, but not a lot of background knowledge required. I really like it :D No clue about the current scheduling of new comics, though. There used to be one. 

CAD has also several recurring casts and story lines. Sadly the main story line for which I loved reading it has ended, but there are other ones coming up now. New comics come out on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Fisheye Placebo … amazing stuff. Put together great artistic talent and a questioning mind, and you get a nice view on the fight against a future surveillance state. It’s a work in progress and I’m desperately waiting for new chapters all the time! There is no schedule for posting, I think.!/series/episodes/347/1/asc

I’m not sure if Pull Down Heaven qualifies as a comic as there is next to no understandable speech in it. But it is really beautiful. There is a whole lot of pages online already. (I hope the link works. If not, please tell me, or just go to deviantART and search for it, it’s easy to find.)

Donum tibi do … booh!


At the moment I’m at my family’s home cleaning out things. Today I opened some old folders and came across this little stick-men comic. I must have created it during one of the years when my sister was learning Latin at school, and I guess she was playing with the “o”-sound at the end of the first phrase and saying things like “oh! boo!” (I honestly can’t remember how much of the whole idea for this comic came from her). In case you can’t read my handwriting, the last sentence is supposed to say “Donum mihi non placet!”. I have no clue whether the grammar is correct, as I never really learned Latin – unlike my younger siblings I chose French as my second foreign language.

I hope I will find more stuff like this so I can post it. It’s more fun than throwing away hoarded paper.

Update: My sister says she did the wording to memorize some vocabulary and grammar, and that she drew the first picture, then I did the rest. Teamwork.