Random Capoeira Content

I wanted to share another inspirational capoeira video with you, but it’s not available in my country anymore without a detour. If you want to have a go at trying to watch it, you can click here.

Meanwhile, have this rather accurate description of view points:

Well, okay, my family doesn’t think I’m in some street gang. But the last picture somewhat sums up what I look like when trying to do advanced movements and not having the strenght to come back into a standing position.

Favourite Friday: find of the week: Oakentoons

I spent the last few days looking at Hobbit and LoTR related stuff on the Internet, and I just wanted to share some awesome, adorable, and totally hilarious art with you. So without further ado: the “Oakentoon” series by PeckishOwl on deviantArt! And some funny stills that come with it.



And these are two of my favourites:




… and I wonder why the folks in Middle Earth never seem to get blisters from all the walking and fighting they do. Obviously I’m no hobbit – capoeira classes resumed after the summer holidays and now after the fourth training session I’m not really able to walk in a normal way – because I didn’t get the dirt and stuff off my feet before slipping into my shoes. Ouch.

Someone should make a ‘toon on the magic anti-blister ointments of various races in Middle Earth. Some folks walk barefoot all the time, some wear heavy boots, and some jump around in trees … them all having sound feet seems very unnatural oO


Favourite Friday: guilty pleasures

How do I spend my time when I’m not studying, taking pictures, or playing capoeira? I’ll tell you some not very sophisticated favourite amusements of mine.

Reading fanfiction. Sometimes pretty trashy stuff, you know, like stupid sappy love stories or totally random humour. Whenever I start watching a new TV series I really like (even when re-watching it after years) I end up spending some evenings reading stories on topics like 200 ways in which Scully and Mulder try to annoy their boss, or Christmas celebrations on the starship Voyager. The only thing keeping me away from “Lie to me” fanfics at the moment is a combination of urgent university work and the fact that I already read most of the more interesting existing stories a while back.

Listening to a song several times in a row. Once I had one single song on repeat for well over an hour. At the moment I don’t mind listening to “I see fire” five times or more each day.

Listening to stupid songs and mix-ups. Like “Captain Jack” (the “The Mission” album is in my CD-player right now) or this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlNr-Vf9L2c

Educating myself on useless topics. I highly recommend following the source links at pages like www.omgfacts.com. Did you know there is a species of sea slugs which is able to do photosynthesis?

Watching Tokyo Mew Mew in Japanese. I don’t even really like most episodes of the anime show (the mangas were better), but at least the English fan subtitles make more sense than the official dub. The opening and ending songs are pretty cool.

And of course I enjoy telling people to look up “German Sparkle Party” on Youtube.



Bonus video:

Star Trek TNG: Life Forms Song

Next addition to my collection of videos with characters from science fiction shows singing: Data, the android from Star Trek: The Next Generation, improvising a song about life forms because “I just love scanning for life forms …”

Excuse me now while I sit on the floor to finish laughing.