Favourite Friday: Offline Games

Hi everybody, welcome back :D

I’ve been sick with a nasty cold last week and was sleepy most of the weekend, so I didn’t feel like posting. Today some ordinary stuff:

Favourite Games to play (without any electricity needed): Bananagrams. A friend of mine brought me one back from the US some years ago after I enjoyed playing it with their friends. Just awesome, and it’s a fun way to learn vocabulary as well. Nobody is Perfect I won this board game as a kid at a fair as a prize, and loved to play it with my family ( but I don’t really like the newest edition, which I recently played at the in-laws’ home). It’s all about guessing the meaning of foreign words and stuff. Settlers of Catan ist pretty cool as well if you don’t play it too often.  Some years ago I tried to learn chess and I’m not very good at it yet, but still I would like to play it more often. Then there is a German card game called “Elfer raus!” (“elevens out!”), which, according to Wikipedia, is similar to a game called “Sevens”, but is played with a special deck of eighty cards with numbers one to twenty. We played it at home a lot on rainy Sundays. Generally I enjoy games where you have to know a lot of random facts and weird words to win, because they are a bit of challenge, a bit of fun, and a bit of learning new things. Games have to be either competitive (but not too hectic) or really really nice, because otherwise I’d get bored quickly.