Favourite Friday: non-Irish bands playing Irish/Celtic music

I don’t know how and when it started, but for many years now I’ve been listening to Irish music, Celtic, medieval, folk …

Apart from real Irish bands there are some great groups from other countries. Let me present to you two of my favourite non-Irish Irish folk bands: Fiddler’s Green and Orthodox Celts.

Fiddler’s Green from Germany: Wikipedia says about them “Fiddler’s Green is a German band from Erlangen that plays independent Irish speedfolk, formed in 1990.” and “The band has kept up the mix of traditional Irish or Scottish songs and self-written tracks, though the self-written tracks have progressively become less and less folky.” So yeah, not that traditional, but in my opinion the influence of Irish folk is still present in their newer original songs. Some of my favourite songs by them are “Lannigan’s Ball” (very Dublin-centric and up-beat,  it makes me happy every time), “Yindy” (the original video is weird and the song a little dark, but great for those “f*** you world, I’ll keep dancing” moments), “Part of it” (one of my go-to songs for depressed days when I feel alone), and the beautiful ballad “Stay by my side”


Orthodox Celts from Serbia: they play a lot of traditional songs, sometimes putting their own spin on them (for example they sing “she’s the belle of the Belgrade city” instead of “Belfast city” in the song “I’ll tell me Ma”, which never fails to make me smile). Their quirky style is adorable, it’s so funny to watch the singer’s face during “Star of the County Down”.

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