I Miss Capoeira – This Cold Sucks

I’ve been ill for about three weeks now. Nasty cold with occasional high temperature means I have to stay away from capoeira (and running around in general, I can’t even run to catch my train without wheezing and coughing). It started just a couple of weeks after Christmas break; and together with the issue of two of our previous gym halls being demolished this makes for two months of very little capoeira at all. Last week when I was beginning to feel better I started to do some push-ups, crunches, and handstand/headstand against the wall, but that was before the coughing got out of control. Right now I’m on antibiotics (took the third and last pill a few hours ago, thankfully none of the very common nasty side effects apart from feeling high the first day, which was kind of funny) and take an antitussive at night that is related to opiates (the package insert says it might cause euphoria, but so far I’ve experienced the opposite – depressed crying at night and stuff like that). At least my head is pretty clear again during the day.

I miss class so badly. Capoeira is what makes me feel alive, strong, free, accepted. I want to move and get stronger. I miss playing with my friends, the singing and laughing and feeling exhausted but satisfied by the end of the evening. Maybe by the end of next week I’ll be able to start again.

I have to be more careful than last year – back then I tried to go back too soon and ended up with nearly two months of recurring colds, overall weakness, and a lot of pain in my lungs/abdominal muscles. Not something I want to experience again, thank you very much.


Does this ginger know how to ginga?

Scene in the grocery store, last Saturday when doing the weekly shopping with Darling: Me holding up a piece of ginger root, “Does this ginger know how to ginga?”

So yes, we had a capoeira workshop on Sunday. About half of the time we practised throwing each other to the ground in various ways (not all of these are true capoeira moves, but the mestre said we have to be prepared to encounter people who use these). And we practised kicking like a mule, literally. I can’t do a proper handstand, but somehow I’m able to kick someone in the stomach with both feet at the same time (and with a decent amount of precision) from standing on all fours. That part was fun!

Now I’m feeling ill (I did hang out with too many people having nasty colds over the last two weeks) and know I should get up from bed to check if the non-ginga-capable ginger would like to become a hot drink.

[insert leap in time of about 30 minutes]

… and yes, I really made myself some ginger tea. And ate a whole clove of raw garlic. Some smart person recently said that to get rid of a cold one should consume plenty of ginger, garlic, onion, and lemon. I don’t have any lemons at home right now, and I hate chopping onions, so the first two remedies and vitamin C powder will have to suffice for the moment.