Onigiri for lunch and new chopsticks :)


After weeks of sugary food and lots of stress I felt like treating myself with a “real” lunch today – normally I dislike cooking something more complex than only rice or only veggies just for myself (and most of the time I just use comfort food – pizza or something from a can). But after buying some new chopsticks yesterday I decided to make delicious onigiri with a mix of vegetables and chicken. Finally my onigiri start to look like onigiri! Still working on the size though. Note: forming hot rice with bare hands is slightly masochistic. Proceed at your own risk.

Step 1: make onigiri (you can add nori/seaweed, but I prefer to omit that)


Step 2: fry vegetables and chicken (I used a box of frozen, chopped vegetables with seasoned butter as well as pre-fried stripes of chicken breast), take blurry picture …


Step 3: put everything in a bowl and add chopsticks.



Enjoy your lunch :)

first attempt of making onigiri and a mini bento

A while ago I started looking at cute bentos and wondered whether it’d be fun making some myself. When we did our weekly grocery shopping last Saturday I decided to grab a bag of Japanese rice because I’m not particularly fond of non-sticky rice at the moment (and making mushy rice all the time just takes too long and can be messy). So today I ended up trying to make onigiri and then proceeded to eat most of them before taking pictures. But I saved the two I had made for my husband – both filled and decorated with a little chopped chilli and carrot – and included them in a mini bento:


It neither looks perfect nor will it provide a full meal, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

Two onigiri, some grapes, four salty licorice starfish, and a piece of espresso-filled chocolate. I put the sweets in a silicone muffin mould so the licorice and the rice won’t get mixed up. All stuff could be found in our kitchen. And if Darling doesn’t want to take this to work with him tomorrow I’ll gladly eat it all by myself!

I won’t be making these all the time, but once in a while I might try to pack a nice bento-style lunch for at least one of us. They’ll all come without any seaweeds – the ones they sell here have a warning on them about having an extremely high iodide content; I have to be a little careful with that stuff. And as I’m not that fascinated by the taste of nori I don’t really mind.

The ones I ate today where all either plain rice (still tasty) or with olives (also nice). But I should go and buy new salmon this weekend … mmmh, smoked salmon as a filling for onigiri. Would be nice with some pickles on the side. Or meatballs and tiny onigiri for dipping in my beloved peanut sauce to go with some slices of cucumber? I really need to replace this ancient cucumber in our vegetable box … it’s all wrinkled and close to becoming petrified.