Quick Peanut Sauce

I love peanut sauce with rice or stir-fry dishes, but I’m not overly fond of cooking it on the stove. This week I came up with a quick version that can be prepared in the microwave and is especially helpful when needing only a small amount.

You need:
– teaspoon
– microwave safe mug or a similar container
– peanutbutter or (I use a Dutch brand which has some salt and sugar in it but is not as sweet and soft as other brands)
– Sambal Olek (or try mashed tomatoes plus spices)
– water

Mix to your own liking (I’d suggest going easy on the Sambal Olek and water first) and microwave at 800 W for 30-60 seconds, stir it, add more water or hot stuff if needed, microwave for another 30-60 seconds and stirr again. Tadaa, instant awesome hot peanut sauce! :)

Today’s late lunch: vegetable and chicken stir-fry, leftover onigiri, and of course very hot peanut sauce

rescuing thawed, dry onigiri

I just found out I can revive thawed and dried out onigiri by putting a little water and salt in a mason jar holding one rice ball, shaking the whole thing to get the rice moist all over, and microwaving the open (!) jar and its contents for 30-45 seconds. VoilĂ , warm and sticky-moist onigiri. Of course not as good as fresh ones, but still a good way to rescue ones that dried out while in the freezer. Not recommended if you can’t face the risk of your pretty rice ball falling apart more easily.