Memory Tanka

laundry on the line
just a summer memory
of apples and white roses

remaining in smooth cursive
ink on white paper


I wanted to write a haiku and stick to 5-7-5 syllables (even though this isn’t necessary, I was told a while ago; still I like to do it the way my friend taught me). Instead this ended up a as something like a a tanka with 5-7-7/5-7 syllables (instead of 5-7-5/7-7). Close enough.

Inspired by Heather Dale’s song “White Rose” and the memory of someone.

snow paper (a haiku)

blankly staring mind
days of empty white paper
a blanket of snow


I should call this one ‘my mind went blank because I’m so tired’. Sifting through files upon files in search of verbs is tiring, but I have to go back to it tomorrow. The show must go on.

And I decided to create a separate page for all the random haikus I coming to my tired mind late at night during the months of writing my master’s thesis. If you are interested in reading an ever growing list of short tree-liners, just hover your mouse pointer over the “Poetry&Prose” tab or click here. Some less artistic haikus which I don’t want to post as blog entries will find a home there as well.

Good night :)

like coming home

The scent of leather bound books, covered in dust and the wisdom of ages – crisp paper full of words and perfumed in earthy shades by the soil of foreign lands, then again blank sheets waiting to be filled with lines and swirls traced in the sharp, black scent of ink

– and it smells like coming home.

The sound of wind chimes, the tinkling of stringed seashells in the open window, from the house next door the crackling of a small fire and a tea pot singing

– and it sounds like coming home.

Beyond windows wide open vast landscapes, a mighty desert, sheltering green hills, billowing curtains, and at night the Milky Way so clear in the sky above one might believe our planet had rings like Saturn, Jupiter and all those giants – dreams of greatness, feeling humbled by sand and stars and ocean waves

– and it feels like coming home.



Some pictures my mind painted. It all started with the phrase “and it feels like coming come”, which was evoked by a decision I made today. I’ll return to the branch of linguistics I have drifted away from and write my master’s thesis on a topic which will be part of a bigger upcoming project.

I don’t know what will happen afterwards, but I’m not so sure anymore I’ll be ready to leave my academic home and move on towards more technical work next year. I might be here to stay for another couple of years, and yet not to stay. Life is crazy right now, but then again, when has my life been normal the last time? I can’t remember. Always something going on, either trouble or throwing myself into unnecessary work on term papers more complicated than required because I can’t do things the simple way¬† and then feeling depressed because I can’t see the end of said work. Only one more term paper to finish before being free to put all my time into bigger research.

We have weird weather right now, not really warm but somehow sweltering, hot and cold at once. My window is opened as wide as possible because I felt like I was melting and suffocating, but at the same time I’m snuggled into a blanket. I want to live with open windows and vast landscapes outside, always.