Favourite Friday: Summertime Activities

Hi everyone, I’m a little late because I haven’t been online yesterday. At the moment I’m out of town and enjoying the countryside for some days, so stay tuned for an update on my photoblog!

Just a short post today –

Favourite summertime activities: going for walks and taking pictures in the countryside (obviously, and today darling was tagging along, which was also fun), reading books, doing a bit of easy crafting (warmth = glue/paint/water dries faster), meeting friends outside – just being lazy and talking for hours, and if ice cream or a barbecue are involved, all the better. Somehow summertime makes me dream about places far away, different (more natural) ways of life, beautiful things of all kinds, and it makes me want to throw out some stuff to get a more airy feeling in the apartment.

All-new photo blog!

I just wanted to inform you about my new photo blog. Until now I’ve been posting most of my pictures on deviantART, but seeing some nice photo blogs around here (and having a new camera!) inspired me to create something more personal. At the moment I’m mostly re-posting old photos thematically ordered, but in the future you’ll also see my new photos (at least the best of them). Hopefully I’ll also find some volounteers for portrait practise who’ll allow me to showcase one or two pictures of them!