fleamarket photos

Today I’ve been to the big open air fleamarket for the first time this year. I took some pictures of shiny stuff I didn’t want to buy as I just have no use for it.

You can click on this link to see more pictures:


Apart from taking pictures of random stuff I bought a box for my sewing utensils, a wooden wheel-board-thingy for the small tree in our living room, a white tunic blouse, and two small items I might give as gifts to other persons.


note: old photos

Hi folks,

I decided to post some of my older photos (the nicer ones I found among the random stuff in my deviantART gallery) on my photo blog www.starfishskiesphotography.wordpress.com

I won’t post all of them at the same time, so I’ll put “old photos” in the titles of these posts.

Have a great weekend!

All-new photo blog!

I just wanted to inform you about my new photo blog. Until now I’ve been posting most of my pictures on deviantART, but seeing some nice photo blogs around here (and having a new camera!) inspired me to create something more personal. At the moment I’m mostly re-posting old photos thematically ordered, but in the future you’ll also see my new photos (at least the best of them). Hopefully I’ll also find some volounteers for portrait practise who’ll allow me to showcase one or two pictures of them!