My soul is a wolf.

My soul is a wolf, running over winter hills, traces in the snow, starlit;
aurora crowning me in green and gold and blue, ancient star-fire

– running with the storm, the clouds, towards a blood-red moon, dipped in gold and drops of silver,
running, running, breathing icy air, lungs on cold fire,
going, going, keep going, running through nights,

dark and starry velvet curtains parting like nowhere found in city walls, not anymore,
and the wolf keeps running.


Listening to Heather Dale while looking at pictures of beautiful stars, nebulae, and northern lights makes me feel my inner wolf again.

starfishskies pony


While the guys were working on another pony related project including a lot of cables, LEDs, and an Arduino, I decided to finish painting a weird nightsky on a pony. There is a starfish, my three favourite constellations – Orion, the Big Dipper, Delphinus, and a bunch of random stars. My little Starfishskies … welcome to my crazy world.

University will start again on Tuesday.