Let’s reimagine

Let’s reimagine
Let’s pretend I didn’t leave town without a proper good-bye
Let’s pretend I came back year after year

Let’s reimagine
I can remember again how we used to sing songs
Do you remember the nights we spent talking in the pub?

Let’s reimagine, old friend,
Let’s reimagine, oh, let’s reimagine

Let’s reimagine
Let’s remember what we had,
Let’s remember what was and never came to pass

Let’s reimagine, old friend,
Let’s reimagine, oh, let’s reimagine

When my ship set sail you were my harbour
but I left without looking back (I wish I had)
When my life was a storm and I was a wave
I rolled away instead of crashing into you (I can’t remember if I said good-bye)
But oh, let’s reimagine

One day my ship will pass dry lands, a wave carry me across the mountains
And for once I’ll crash into your arms to tell you
Thank you, old friend

Let’s reimagine, just once,
And I will always remember how we dreamt and pretended,
I will always remember the good wind you sent after me
So thank you, old friend

Let’s reimagine, old friend,
Let’s reimagine, oh, let’s reimagine

Let’s reimagine
And please remember the girl with the purple flower crown
I just want to say
Thank you, old friend

Just the raw version of some song lyrics that came into my mind this morning.

Täälla Pohjantähden alla (“Under the North Star”)

This is a Finnish song the choir of my school used to sing, but I never had seen the music sheets for it as it wasn’t sung anymore when I finally joined the choir for a short while. So I never knew how to write the title or the line I remembered; I wasn’t able to find it on the internet – but still its beautiful melody and some vaguely remembered fragments of words came to haunt me every now and then. Thanks to the wonders of social media some former choir members I’m still loosely in touch with finally dug up this Youtube video:

So beautiful.

tiger and bowstring

He tenses his muscles and turns his body into a longbow,
a bowstring woven of music and playful prancing
– then instead of an arrow a tiger flies forth
(and the tiger is carved from the lithe heartwood still beating one-TWO-three-pause)

He is a tiger sleeping in a library,
in semi-sleeptalk dutifully teaching little birds to hunt for words,
while longing for the moment to escape the grey walls with the jungle-green bow he keeps hidden under his chair
(and only at night he hunts words and songs for his own enjoyment, one-TWO-three-pounce)

He builds himself a seaside castle from tiger-striped driftwood,
barefoot he fights emerald waves and throws sand dollar shaped pebbles into tidal pool wishing wells,
in hazy summer-lands alive with the whirring energy of a bowstring sending arrows flying into battle
(and in the shade of a bottle gourd planting he turns salt-water soaked book pages, one-TWO-three-breathe)

fierce as a bear

Booming voice and roaring laughter,
there’s a bear sleeping in the cave beneath his lungs
(and sometimes it wakes up and joins in the song)

Head held high and arms spread wide to embrace the world,
there’s a fierce spark in the back of his eyes
(and sometimes it breaks through the gentle surface)

Patient to teach and encourage,
there’s a genuine enthusiasm and a huge love of life in his words, in his face and hands and feet
(and it’s so wild it might be a little scary at times)

Favourite Friday: Scene from “The Hobbit”

“Far over the Misty Mountains cold …”

This song scene gave me goosebumps, in a good way. There are some other really nice scenes in the movie, but this one is on my mind most often. I wish my voice was this deep and resonating when I sing the song. The atmosphere which is set by the combination of the song and the pictures shown (I totally adore how they switch to the camera on the outside of the cottage and show the spark-blowing chimney against the night sky, by the way) is just the right mixture of a calm, warm moment, melancholy, and a sense of oncoming adventure. It was also the moment when the dwarves became less annoying in my eyes. Warm fuzzy feelings for everyone!