I’m back from Ireland!

IMG_0475_output_0001.resizedLast weekend Darling and me went to Dublin, Ireland for a short vacation. We had a lot of everything: A lot of rain on the day we arrived, a lot of sunshine on Saturday (we went on a half day trip to the fishing village of Howth, where I took the picture above; and we even saw a seal in the harbour!), we walked a lot, and we ate a lot of fried food – fish and chips, burger and chips, more chips, and another burger. I took several hundred pictures, we went to mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Sunday morning which was cancelled after maybe 15 minutes due to a fire alert (false alert), and we slept in really small hostel cots (at least in a double room with enclosed bathroom, we’re a little too old and solitary to share a dorm with noisy teenagers or drunken tourists). We walked around Temple Bar at night, wandered quiet backstreets, bought raincoats, watched birds taking a bath, and watched the sun go down from the top of a hill at Howth (the hill in the background of the photo, actually). Both plane rides went better than expected, though I had a little trouble with breathing and feeling panic on the way to Ireland – the trip back was much easier, despite some small turbulences. Music, a massage ball, and a hand to squeeze were really helpful.

sunshine in the trees

Finally summer is here for real. We went out for a walk in the evening and the air was still hot, but with a gentle breeze. And I found a stick for my next try at the art making a bow (the first stick broke because it was too old, while the second stick, which I dragged home yesterday, is twisted in itself). So much sun and light and green leaves in the trees. It makes me want to live outside for a while, to wander, to leave the weird rules and ideas of post-modern Europe and quite a bunch of the latest inventions behind.

I tried to capture in a picture the beautiful sunshine gleaming through the foliage and casting shadows on the meadow we crossed, but it doesn’t do the real thing any justice. https://starfishskiesphotography.wordpress.com/2014/07/19/summer-in-trees-and-grass/

Voyager: You are my Sunshine

Music and Star Trek again. This time a real scene from Star Trek: Voyager. A former Borg and a hologram singing a duet – oh, the sweet randomness of science fiction. Even though I sort of dislike both Seven of Nine and the Doctor (he must be one of the most annoying holograms ever, gah) I have to admit that this is a wonderful scene.

Whenever I’ll be done with this annoying term paper I’ll just wrap myself in a blanket and glue myself to a screen to re-watch some good old TNG and Voyager. Take that, Mr Talmy and friends. I’ll just pretend I’m studying alien languages, hoping they don’t express locomotion at all.