cinnamon coffee

Hair black as coffee and it unfurls in caffeine-driven curls,
while from obsidian eyes cinnamon sparkles down her cheeks to meet shades of desert rose
(and they match the energy of her mind and the temperament of a day of gale-force warning)

Black thunder clouds of cynicism and sarcasm alternating with iridescent soap-bubble lightness of deep southern-blue skies,
from time to time suddenly expelling a shooting star of childish-sweet glee, an expression of delight at the sight of something big-eyedly cute
(and though these seem mismatched and incoherent they all are sugar-fuelled)

Black tea in a white mug and donut-ringed fingers clicking away the hours,
steaming paper clouds exhaled on cold cashmere scarf days and bleeding ink from sandy feet wandering deserts of malls
(and she works hard to match herself to her belief in the possibility of having it all)


Sorry for the weird, random line breaks. I haven’t found a way to decrease the font size and making the text area of the layout wider yet without paying for an upgrade to tinker with the CSS; for now I solved it by using copy-paste from my normal text editor with a slightly smaller font size.

Why is there gunpowder in my tea?


I have no real explanation for this. Somehow people like to give us exotically flavouredĀ  tea/herbal infusion mixes for birthdays and other occasions (we don’t even drink a lot of tea …) and yesterday when I decided to organise our tea I came across this. Gunpowder in my tea? Well, maybe I do have an explanation, which would be “lost in translation”. As some of you may be able to recognise this was bought in a German store, but the label is a little sloppily formatted (some punctuation errors even I can point out, and I’m not exactly the queen of punctuation). My best guess apart from a plain old translation error would be that “Gunpowder” is meant to be a provided translation/explanation for the preceding ingredient “China-Ming-Mee”. So some tea shop owner or a factory packer either used an online translator or missed his punctuation class. And no, Gunpowder is no German word. So the translation thing is very shady business. Should I drink this?