sunshine in the trees

Finally summer is here for real. We went out for a walk in the evening and the air was still hot, but with a gentle breeze. And I found a stick for my next try at the art making a bow (the first stick broke because it was too old, while the second stick, which I dragged home yesterday, is twisted in itself). So much sun and light and green leaves in the trees. It makes me want to live outside for a while, to wander, to leave the weird rules and ideas of post-modern Europe and quite a bunch of the latest inventions behind.

I tried to capture in a picture the beautiful sunshine gleaming through the foliage and casting shadows on the meadow we crossed, but it doesn’t do the real thing any justice.

rooftop greetings


It’s the warmest 20th March in this city since the beginning of systematic weather recording, so I decided to move my home office to the roof in front of our bathroom window (though it is pretty tricky to get through the small window over the bathtub with a laptop).

And I just noticed that the mouse pointer is on the screenshot I want to use for my termpaper … stupid me.