Water and a Name (haiku and some more words about tonight’s capoeira class)

training late at night
and they called me a new name
– we all need water


Tonight I finally made it to the training session of the capoeira association some of my friends belong to. Originally I had planned to join them a few weeks ago; but then I got a nasty cold and was coughing so much I couldn’t do any sports. The training tonight was quite exhausting but fun; when we practised a very short partner sequence with slightly tricky timing we had to present it afterwards – and me and my partner (both of us still only wearing the lowest cord) did best because we went through the movements slow enough to get the timing right. Of course we were pretty giddy-happy for a moment.

As always when exercising I felt very dehydrated and went over to my water bottle quite a few times, so in the end the contramestre decided to give me a nickname loosely based on my enormous thirst. Not the most flattering apelido (though definitely not the worst!), but I kind of like it – I have decided to see it as a reminder to talk less, work on my breathing, and to stay well hydrated. Water is important and everybody should drink plenty of it, not only when feeling dry! Plus, it sounds similar to the title of one of my favourite capoeira songs. And I’m very glad I wasn’t named for my dizziness or being short of breath, so, obrigada (‘thank you’)!

All in all a very successful evening! :)

PS: If you want to know my apelido, just send me some kind of message; somehow I just don’t feel like posting it openly right now ;)

brown and white and prussian blue (fast pace in slow motion)

If someone asked me about your colours I’d answer that your surface, the part of your soul you show, is warm dry brown and cotton white and all the shades between,
but beneath these autumn fire
and Prussian blue of evening skies turning soft summer nights to early winter
(I know because these are the only colours I can paint you in, even though I can’t truly see beyond the earth and the cotton)

Akin to a dry leaf whirling in late autumn breezes
fast pace in slow motion
quick and precise but never rash, never hasty, always seeming to move slower and steadier than reality,
not out of time but somehow inhabiting a different stream of time, a sphere of gentle tides washing to your shores and from your heart
(I believe there is clear water running around you, even though I can’t see the rivulets)

Peaceful, serene, like a pebble smoothed in cold, fresh streams, cool and solid to the touch,
and yet encapsulated in it all the joy of sunshine,
raw like distilled rays of ancient star-fire and oriental amber on smouldering coals, carefully tamed and kept in your pocket, safely tucked away,
but still it radiates from your fingertips
(I think everybody feels it in the touch of your hand, because in the beginning the friendly energy felt overpowering like sitting open-eyed in front of a fireside as a child)



If you want to see this without random line breaks, please follow the link to my DeviantArt page http://kayanya.deviantart.com/art/fast-pace-in-slow-motion-487325203.

As I promised I tried to get closer to my old style with this poetry portrait. At least one or two will follow soon, but I have scribbled notes for three and plan to do four. Some will be written as if directed to the person, others in 3rd person narration.