Wishlist and Bucketlist

A list mostly for myself to keep track of things I don’t really need for life but would enjoy some day in the future when the budget is less tight.

  • Polaroid camera and a huge stack of black-and-white film paper for it. Or a set of monochrome film plus developing liquids to start learning developing photographs myself
  • Some nice lenses for my DSLR (Canon 400D) which let lots of light in and are suitable for portraits and macro photography -> got a 50mm lens in 2015, but would love a zoom lens with a wide aperture
  • New camera (will be able to buy the Canon 750D some time in spring 2016!)
  • Berimbau (very soon!)
  • Fair-trade clothes
  • Small high-quality food processor with a lot of chopping and blending power which is easy to clean without a dishwasher
  • Rice cooker (the Nerd promised to buy one once we find a suitable model)
  • A wok
  • A van with space enough in the back to put in a mattress and other stuff necessary for spontaneous stargazing camping nights
  • An apartment or house with huge windows and comfortable seats surrounded by bookshelves instead of narrow window sills
  • A small garden for growing vegetables and herbs
  • Finding some possibility to go horseback-riding once in a while


Things I’d like to see, learn, or otherwise experience one day:

  • see the northern lights
  • learn the basics of at least two more languages (at the moment it looks like Mandarin and either Portuguese or one Scandinavian language will be the starting point, though I’m still flirting with Irish Gaelic)
  • developing black-and-white photos myself at least once (either under instruction or learning from tutorials)
  • spend a week in a monastery and enjoy the contemplative quiet
  • get to the third cord in capoeira
  • somewhat optional: get my PhD (a good job opportunity outside academia might cancel that one out or delay it for some years)
  • grow my hair down to my tailbone, just because I can
  • create postcards from my best photos
  • finish writing at least one novel or collection of poetry/short prose

What do you think?

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