Onigiri for lunch and new chopsticks :)


After weeks of sugary food and lots of stress I felt like treating myself with a “real” lunch today – normally I dislike cooking something more complex than only rice or only veggies just for myself (and most of the time I just use comfort food – pizza or something from a can). But after buying some new chopsticks yesterday I decided to make delicious onigiri with a mix of vegetables and chicken. Finally my onigiri start to look like onigiri! Still working on the size though. Note: forming hot rice with bare hands is slightly masochistic. Proceed at your own risk.

Step 1: make onigiri (you can add nori/seaweed, but I prefer to omit that)


Step 2: fry vegetables and chicken (I used a box of frozen, chopped vegetables with seasoned butter as well as pre-fried stripes of chicken breast), take blurry picture …


Step 3: put everything in a bowl and add chopsticks.



Enjoy your lunch :)

5 thoughts on “Onigiri for lunch and new chopsticks :)

  1. You can protect your hands a bit by using clingfilm or a sandwich bag. It’s still hot but slightly less…. plus it’s easier to make shapes/press together. Just make sure you ‘wet’ it a little to avoid the rice sticking 😊

    • Thanks for taking the time to reply! Yeah, I know I could use these, but I feel it would be a useless waste of plastic; and honestly I’m okay with handling hot rice (or hot stuff in general) – sometimes I’m just a little impatient and start too early with the shaping, just a few short moments later the rice would still be hot enough for shaping but not as scalding anymore ;) I also sort of enjoy forming/kneading food stuff with bare hands, touching the different textures is comforting and feels so down to earth somehow, even bread dough I prefer to knead by hand instead of using a machine ^^

    • Thanks for stopping by :) Yeah, I’m lucky enough to live close to a tiny Asian supermarket, they have a small selection of chopsticks – nothing too fancy (I wish they had the really cool ones with more colourful tops) but at least they are affordable and pretty sturdy!

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