I will play

Maybe one day
When they’ve thrown me to the ground
One will be there
To hand me the cord in welcome
Offering the white flower of peace and protection
I don’t know by what name they will call me
But I will answer and play.





I guess I found a new source of inspiration for writing, finally.

starfishskies pony


While the guys were working on another pony related project including a lot of cables, LEDs, and an Arduino, I decided to finish painting a weird nightsky on a pony. There is a starfish, my three favourite constellations – Orion, the Big Dipper, Delphinus, and a bunch of random stars. My little Starfishskies … welcome to my crazy world.

University will start again on Tuesday.

green kitchen

The last few days I spent too much of my free time looking at Fisheye Placebo art in Yuumei’s deviantART gallery and her Tumblr. (You can read the whole comic/graphic novel on tapastic http://tapastic.com/series/fisheye for free! Go check it out!)

Well, the combination of the cherry trees blooming our city and seeing this picture too often …

Fisheye Placebo: Background Concept Art 2, Artist: Yuumei (Wenqing Yan), Original on deviantART: http://fav.me/d5sxdof

… resulted in our kitchen turning greenhouse:

There are some cherry branches in water, because I read that they might grow roots, but you have to take off the blossoms so they don’t use all their energy on these. In the tiny pot there are some lemon seeds, and today’s addition is the juice-to-go plastic cup. I put soil, moss, a stone, a random tiny plant from our roof inside, together with some ivy from the big jar on the cupboard, to create a small “ecosphere”.

The ivy and the other green plant have been on the kitchen cupboard before, but “other green plant” has a new offshoot, which is now dangling into a jar of water to grow roots, too. Not included in these pictures are the flower box and the flower pot, which are sitting on the window sill as well. In these I planted cucumbers, carrots, garden radish, and kohlrabi some days ago – and they are already sprouting like crazy! And I put a piece of broccoli stem halfway into the soil as well, maybe it will also grow new roots?

Favourite Friday: Films

With real actors: Sahara (The 2005 one about finding a ship in the desert. I have no clue how popular this one is or was, but I like it.) Book of Eli, Dinotopia (Yeah, the dinosaurs are animated, but the actors are real people. Does a mini-series with three parts even count as a film? I think it does.)

Animation: I haven’t watched a lot of Disney stuff, but I like some of the newer films –  Brave, Tangled, and AtlantisI guess I’ll like Frozen as well (still haven’t watched it. Bad Starfish.)

Then there are a lot of films I liked, but which don’t have the “need to watch that again” factor. For example, a few weeks ago we watched Eva, which had some really cool effects, but the story was somewhat predictable. I might watch it again some time in the future, but it might be quite a while. I don’t feel like watching the Lord of the Rings films that often, but they are nice when watching them with other people once in a while. Same for fluffy stuff like Kung Fu Panda. I enjoyed the first two The Hunger Games films, but watching them again very soon? I don’t know. I’m looking forward for the film version of the third book, though! 

Bonus: Most hated movies. I won’t name all, but I’ll give two examples. First there is Minority Report. The movie itself was okay-ish, but my memories of the scene with this girl (Agatha?) jumping out of the water and screaming “murder” still scared the shit out of me for some years after watching it it school. Then, Prometheus. I only watched it because of the title (I have a weakness for science fiction referencing old mythology), and it was completely disgusting and terrible and just … horrible. And please, don’t ever make me watch cheesy romantic comedies, most are horrible as well – the only one I ever cared to watch twice was I.Q. (about Einstein and his colleagues playing match makers), and it wasn’t half as good the second time.

So if you want to grab a film to watch it with me –  feed me dystopia, beautiful pictures of breathtaking landscapes with other cultures, space (really have to watch Contact again) or even the paranormal, fantasy, treasure hunts (Indiana Jones stuff is okay, so are films like National Treasure or even Tomb Raider) or something combining all this.

rooftop greetings


It’s the warmest 20th March in this city since the beginning of systematic weather recording, so I decided to move my home office to the roof in front of our bathroom window (though it is pretty tricky to get through the small window over the bathtub with a laptop).

And I just noticed that the mouse pointer is on the screenshot I want to use for my termpaper … stupid me.

graphs, 2048, and a Lorde song

Today I decided to skip choir practice so I could continue writing my term paper in the evening. Somehow I can’t really concentrate in the morning (if I wake up early enough at all – today I slept until 10:30 am because I went to bed at 1 am after struggling with writing codes for graphs and describing them) so when I have to catch up with things my rhythm shifts because my productive phase is from about 3 pm to 7p m and then again a little later, around 9 pm to 3 am.

So here I am at the desk at 22:55 pm. Until a few minutes ago I was all alone at home because Darling was at a friend’s home. I think I have a good grip of what I have to do for the paper, finally. But apart from the network graphs being messy (see last post), but still I managed to mess things up again today. I wanted to insert a picture (a pretty big graph, at least 1/2 page) into the appendix pages – but when I scrolled back up I noticed it was on every single page. Very confusing. Until I noticed I had replaced the page number field with the graph. I didn’t even know it was possible to put a large image file into that field, but obviously it is.

As I can’t work for more than one to maximum two hours straight on graph code and writing about relation edges without a drastic loss of concentration I took some breaks and played 2048 (http://gabrielecirulli.github.io/2048/), a small number based game with mild addictive properties. After having listened to one of my favourite Albums twice while working I switched to radio. When a song I knew came on, I decided to find out what it is called because I really like it. It turned out to be “Royals” by Lorde, which criticises how media (I guess especially music videos) portray a lifestyle of luxury to which ordinary young people can’t relate. Normally I don’t like modern pop songs, but this one is different in a positive way.

I think I hate-love Graphviz

For a term paper I’m trying to create a network graph with the programme “Graphviz”. It has some really cool features like dotted edges and different node shapes, but the edges are crossing each other like crazy and I can’t move the nodes/edges by hand. So I’ve been trying to solve that puzzle for more than four hours now. Very frustrating. This paper and another one are both due in two weeks. Maybe I should go back to the programme I used before and ignore the fact that I need partitions and all, because I still have to go through the remaining 7/8 of a  Swahili novel and discuss the locomotion verbs for paper #2. I like the novel and it’s fun working with it, but there are some really weird verbs and I have no clue how to classify them yet.

I want it to look fancy like this … but it doesn’t. (http://www.graphviz.org/Gallery/undirected/fdpclust.png)

Maybe I should study theology or something like that … linguistics can be really weird and confusing sometimes. Speaking of theology – I’ve signed up for an Old Hebrew class at university for next semester, just because I can do so. (And because I’d like to learn some of the classic languages, of course. I’ll try my luck with studying some basics of Latin on my own as well, right now I’m only able to read simple sentences, especially if they are related to religious concepts.)

drawing: first star



Just a simple drawing I did this evening, inspired by spring blossoms and the mild weather we have at the moment. Sadly our scanner doesn’t agree with me on the saturation of the sky, I’ll try and see if taking a picture with a camera by daylight tomorrow will work better. For a moment I wanted to draw the whole constellation of Orion, but then I decided I was too tired and lazy ^^” Maybe next time. I really need to get back to creating more art, even if it is just random doodling.

call me star-child

When I was young, I dreamt of space –  space would be big enough even for me to find a place where I belong. Only the interstellar nebulae with their multidimensional structures of infinite colour spectra would be complex enough to hold all my dreams and thoughts. At school people used to say I was from Alpha Centauri, but I knew more than them about the worlds beyond our atmosphere, so I told them they were stupid because because Alpha Centauri was, is, will be until it explodes a star, not a planet, and my body is just like theirs, like yours, not made to live in the fires of a sun but in a realm both earthy and filled with cool air tasting of home and freedom. They tried to extinguish the flame of my adventurous spirit, my sense of wonder, tried to chase me out of a starry-eyed scientist’s Eden. But here I am, burning slower now that I’m not in the body of a child hungry for candy-cotton clouds of mysteries anymore, but still I’m burning strong, I reclaimed space and the oceans for my dreams now that the past seems farer away than the moon, so yes, you can call me star-child. I’m what some people might call indigo, a stranger, a visitor. You won’t be able to find my sign on the zodiac, you won’t know my ancestry so you might think I’m fairy born, one of the wee old folks dreaming away among moss covered stones and ivy curtains blowing between trees, but it’s just that the instincts for a way of life older than theirs and yours are encoded in my genes, my soul knows it was created by the only one more ancient than the stars. So call me star-child, for I am their younger sister.


“[…] You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God […]” (Max Ehrmann, “Desiderata”, 1927)

And yes, the thing about fellow students at school claiming I was from Alpha Centauri really did happen, and not only once.